Healthcare Reform: Ending Obama Care’s 3 Most Important Myths

In recent months, we have seen that the Department of Health and Human Services has introduced many rules and regulations on health care reform. Every time this happens, the media takes hold of him and all sorts of articles are written in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and the news on the network talk about it. All analysts start talking about the pros and cons and what it means for companies and individuals. Finding rates online for health insurance and getting quotes can sometimes be a hassle too.

The problem is that often a writer has examined the regulation and has written an article about it. Other writers then begin to use the pieces from this first article and rewrite the pieces to fit their article. When information is widely distributed, real norms and rules are distorted and distorted, and what appears in the media sometimes simply does not represent the reality of what the norms say.

There are many misunderstandings about what is happening with ObamaCare, and one of the things I noticed in the discussions with clients is that there is an underlying set of myths that people have learned about health reform that are simply not true. But from all they’ve seen in the media, many persons believe that these myths are really true. For rates online visit

Today we will be discussing the three myths that are popular. Not every individual accept these myths, but many others aren’t sure what to believe, so justify dispelling those myths now.

The first is that health reform only affects people without insurance. Second, Medicare and Medicare benefits will not be affected by health care reform. And then, the last one is that reforms in health care will lower the cost of healthcare.

Health reform affects only uninsured people

Let’s look at the first myth about health care reform that only affects uninsured people. In many of the conversations I have with clients, there are various expressions they use: “I already have coverage so ObamaCare doesn’t affect me” or “I’ll keep my health insurance plan protected” and the last one, and I can give them give this a little room for maneuver, because part of what they say is true, is “I have group medical insurance so health reform won’t affect me.”

Well, the reality is that health reform will really affect everyone. From 2014, we will have a completely new set of health plans, and these plans will have very rich benefits, with many additional features that existing plans do not currently offer. So these new plans will have a higher cost.